Let's Keep Li.sT Troll Free

Recently someone who I am about to name right now created a list that made my blood boil and flame shoot out of my ears.
  1. It was a thinly veiled attempt at bullying under the auspices of being anti-bullying
    Stay with me here - I know it's confusing
  2. It took a great, funny and HELPFUL list
    About the pitfalls and mistakes people make when searching for love online and used humor to help educate people. I am literally an expert on online dating, having both written a VERY successful iBook on the topic AND met my husband online dating
  3. Instead of contributing to a debate he just went off on her
    I mean what?!? Why!!? How is this not even worse than the original list
  4. Saying "I'm not calling out (awesome funny writer" while very clearly calling out @gabimoskowitz means nothing
    Actions speak louder than words
  5. Also, she can't even see the list! He blocked her!
    Are we using @list to talk shit behind people's backs now? Oh hell no.
  6. Someone tried to gently point this out.
    @ChrisK deleted the comment. Then he blocked us all! Blocked now.
  7. He will most likely call me out and or write a mean list about me or whatever
    Watch me drown in my salty tears
  8. I ride or die for @gabimoskowitz
    And against ALL forms of bullying.
  9. Here's a handy guide for bullying versus not bullying
    Talking about tropes/cliches/poor grammatical choices and the world at large = not bullying. Calling out a specific person (behind their back) = bullying. using their picture = bullying. Just because she's a celebrity doesn't mean she's not a person!
  10. Who's with me?
  11. UPDATED: No bullying! That means no bullying Chris either.
    Let's all just be friends ok?