Because Fall is the beginning of chapped lip season, and I go through this stuff by the bucket...
  1. elf Lip Exfoliator
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    oh Em gee, this shiz is the bomb. It's soooo good. It's got this sweet, mapley flavor. I've never even considered the stick format for this, but I like it so much better than the pots! My fingers aren't sticky! I get such a pleasant, fine scrub with a sweet layer of balm left behind.
  2. TonyMoly Lip Scrub
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    If you want a pot, this is the pot you want! So cute! It's got no flavor, and while you can see the little scrubbers I didn't really feel them in the lotion, which was much more like skin lotion than j expected. But, after I put it on and smooshed it around and wiped it off, my lips definitely were de-flaked and softer.
  3. Olive oil and sugar scrub
    @TheWonderKid suggested this on my list of all natural beauty treatments... I love the simple ingredients
    Suggested by @Celina
  4. Mint Julips $10 at Lush
    Suggested by @ashlee