I promise it's easier than you think
  1. Look at me
  2. Let your eyes blur a little bit
  3. Now focus them
  4. What catches your eye first?
  5. Is it the dusky plushness of my lashes
  6. My sugar spun hair
  7. The audible softness of my skin
  8. The way my iris catches the light
  9. The candied pearliness of my little teeth
  10. The crest of my collarbone
  11. The deep and mysterious cleft of my cleavage
  12. The gently sloping plane of my shoulder
  13. The slice of my elbow
  14. The milky pearl of my nail bed
  15. The taper of my waist enfolded in muscular sheaths or sweet rolling flesh
  16. The cups of my hip bones nestled in their cushy bed of sinew
  17. The sweetly arched twin peaks of my thighs
  18. The way the bones of my knee and it's musculature form an impossible cage
  19. The swoop of delectable calf
  20. The impossibly delicate twigs of the feet that carry the weight of my whole body
  21. The deliciously mysterious arch of my foot
  22. Pick your favorite
  23. Tell me
  24. Make it genuine
  25. Use small words
  26. Be specific
  27. Tell me again until I believe you