Requested by @SpaceCase
Emily Weiss, founder of Into the Gloss and Glossier, is famously quoted as saying - "Everything we make is for sensitive skin. All skin is sensitive! Nobody is like, ''my skin is tough! Bring on the rough stuff!'" That said, here are my favorite masks for "sensitive" slash all skin...
  1. Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask
    It's basically silky, soothing Hyaluronic acid pudding. Moisturizing, calming, plumping. Fragrance free. When I feel like my face "can't even" I will layer this on and just sleep with it.
  2. Glossier Galaxy Greens Mask
    The gentlest clay mask of all time, non- drying but somehow still detoxing? IDK it's magic
  3. Manuka Honey & Aspirin
    Manuka honey is such a potent antibacterial it can actually be used to treat MERSA, but for broken out skin it's like a sticky, unpleasant wonder. Same same with crushed up aspirin and water. omg this image search was bananas
  4. Vaseline as moisturizing mask
    I've written about this before and I stand buy it.
  5. Caolion Blackhead Bubbling Pore Pack
    This Korean import looks scary but is actually super gentle. It bubbles up on your skin and then turns into a very mild scrub. The main ingredients are all things like charcoal and herbs, and it's free of parabens and all that other garbage.