1. Exercise
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    Exercise improves circulation which helps your body more effectively remove impurities and boosts cellular turnover (like retinol! See list) so it works like the best, most organic anti-acne anti-aging treatment in the world! I like to walk around the mall shopping. Just kidding I like expensive boutiques. REALLY just kidding, I prefer playing on the beach.
  2. Thoroughly remove make-up tonight
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    For me the secret was finding an oil cleanser I liked. Oil bonds with dirt the same way it bonds with pigment so it strips away all the bad stuff but it's just not that interested in your skins natural oils so it doesn't dry you out
  3. Keep hydrating
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    That wasn't so hard this weekend, keep up the good work! Doesn't this photo make you thirsty???
  4. Don't do a mask again until next weekend
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    It's tempting to use masks and super potent treatments all the time because they are basically skin heroine. do not chase the dragon!! it does not work. Follow the frequency directions on the package so you don't irritate your skin. This is my I just did a mask face. No make-up, no filter, no editing.
  5. This list has only 4 items because it's a freaking Monday and the last thing you need is more homework...