For the days when I leave my house without wearing makeup but I know anything can happen but I want to bring a tiny purse
  1. CC cream
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    Preferably with SPF. My ideal is something in a non-breakable/spill resistant package (sorry Perricone No foundation foundation this is where you lose) so it won't destroy my purse that also provides good tone evening without blanking out my freckles. Bonus points for hydration (see dewy above) and having a pleasant smell.
  2. Lip/Cheek Color Pot
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    I'm obsessed with basically anything by RMS but this earthy reddish brown called Promise, is actually surprisingly neutral while still having that cool girl 90s thing that's so hot right not. I also love Sacred which is technically just for lips but which I use on cheeks also. Organic - which I love since it goes on my lips and I read women eat about 20 pounds of lipstick in their lives. Promise: Sacred:
  3. Curling Mascara
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    Benefit made this magic potion that curls better than my curling iron (no crimps! Lasts for like 18 hours!) which means one less thing to pack. It's so dramatic that I don't feel the need for additional eyeliner - although to be fair, I rarely take off my eye makeup and just let it coast for days getting cooler and smudgier each day, and no this doesn't make my eyelashes fall out or make me break out..: