1. 1.
    Dressing when you're 5'10 and stacked
    Please please don't ever call me "plus sized"
  2. 2.
    Breast Cancer
    Still have it, still not letting it bring me down. Google "growing your hair out after chemo with pictures" and you'll find me. lots of useful information about beauty and cancer and gratitude and life and all other things to be found on my blog and other social media. Ask me anything I have no shame
  3. 3.
    Planning a super fun wedding
    That's me pulling my husband into the pool in all his clothes at our wedding
  4. 4.
    Beauty & Skincare
    I'm like the Tim Ferris of expensive skincare. Putting my products through the rigorous testing of chemo ravaged hormonally altered skin.
  5. 5.
    Spending as much time in pools as humanly possible
    See photo evidence above