Sometimes the pressure to create more new fresh hot things is overwhelming, especially when you've been vomiting every thing you put in your body for 3 days. This is when I bolster myself by reminding myself that I do actually do more things than just drain oxygen and resources from more viable humans. Behold the posts I created last week:
  1. Overview:
    Like a visual table of contents
  2. Rose Gold Barrette
    @Debby is young and super freaking cool and she likes Rose gold things too, so I feel less like a thousand year old diseased husk. Article:
  3. DIY ball chain bracelet
    Also in Rose gold, my personal favorite 90s accessory I feel like this hardware store staple is about to come back in a big way and I'm calling it first
  4. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
    It's everything. EVERYTHING. Worth every over priced drop of velvety dewy perfection
  5. A week of gradual tanning
  6. Breaking in vintage or stiff denim
    A popular list and I'm hoping not just because of the booty pics, also a blog post:
  7. Timberlake for President
    I'm actually a Hilary supporter but if we are choosing presidents based on whom we'd like to get a beer with here's my vote...