Because @gabimoskowitz did it and @laur and @bjnovak (who I guess started it) so clearly all the cool kids are doing it
  1. Pre-weekend: Thursday got my final tissue expansion!
    So exciting to have a surgery date and complete my breast reconstruction! Now have one very perky, super hard nippleless breast which makes my real breast look saggy and sad. celebrated by cleaning my house! I feel great! @gabimoskowitz is coming to visit me! She makes me laugh so hard! Laughing doesn't hurt at all right now! Life is so great!
  2. Pre-weekend: 3am Friday Morning PAIN
    Holy shit! What was I thinking? OMG I'm going to have to get my entire right torso removed. It hurts it hurts so bad holy shit where did @steve out my Percocet. I can't find it, I don't want to go to the ER, what's this? Norco? Tylenol with codeine? Ok I'll take that! Let me shovel some cold rice in my face so it doesn't hurt my stomach...
  3. Pre-weekend: 4:30am Friday VOMITING starts
  4. Friday Morning: Infusion Suite > Fluids
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    I watch the @mindy project because @IkeBarinholtz is the only thing that can make me feel better - working on study on healing effects of Mindy project.
  5. Friday 2:30pm: Eat Toast, throw it back up again
  6. Friday 6:30pm: Eat Toast + One single potato chip, throw it back up again
    Get yelled at by Jewish mother for eating single potato chip when she finds crumb in my hair. prob not single potato chips fault... She also gives me magical arnica gel.
  7. Friday 7pm: @steve comes home, gives life meaning
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    He brings me sushi rice and miso soup and we put glasses on the dog. I don't throw it up and we fall asleep at 8pm.
  8. Saturday Morning: Download @list
    Cannot stop making lists. feel so much better.
  9. Saturday Afternoon: Picnic with Girl Gang
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    Everyone brings me gluten free crackers and dip. Let's me lie on them to achieve comfortable angle. nature provided perfect cooling breeze. Life regains meaning.
  10. Presents! Fortune cookie just for me!
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  11. breeze turns on us: we decide to get pedicures
    I haven't had one since before the surgery. skin pulled from cuticles on par with pimple popping videos on YouTube. Soooo satisfying
  12. Come home, write more lists
  13. Get dressed, go to bar, nowhere to sit
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    Spend more time getting ready than at the bar, fine with it because finally got to wear bandana as bracelet in public
  14. Sunday morning: more lists
    I have a problem
  15. Brunch with the girls
    No makeup, no photos. Sophie has her usual (club sandwich with fries + diet coke) Zoe and I have my usual (French onion soup no cheese no bread + Perrier) or as I like to call it, the hydration special.
  16. Spend lovely afternoon by the pool with @steve and dear friend Paige and the amazing Hayley
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    She's a muppet. that's a breed of dog I think. manage to get on and off giant swan without getting stitches wet
  17. Make new screensaver for phone
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  18. Drive home with @steve trying to take moving selfie with Golden Gate Bridge
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    Fail miserably
  19. Come home, get in bed, make more lists
    In one I photographed everything in my toiletry bag against my iPad case!
  20. Watch movie with husband
    Try to pay attention and not make lists, fail miserably. don't understand movie at all. Nicholas cage is a psychic and there's a bunch of other famous names include JTs wife and the hot redhead that's not Nicole Kidman (brain only capable of lists)