I've got a lot of shit going on right now with the whole cut and paste body thing. I still want to know what's going on in the world but I require greater curation. These news letters are like glowing presents in my digital mailbox. They inspire me, teach me things and in some cases make me feel cooler than I am. Strongly recommend:
  1. I just can't handle that this is only once a week. @gabimoskowitz, Hilary Clinton and Jennifer Lawrence (breaking her silence about the gross wage inequities she was subjected to) all find a gorgeously illustrated home.I laughed so hard reading @lenadunham Halloween story that I thought I ripped a stitch (it was just steritape) I bought the Grace Jones biography. I need more please. Is there discussion of increased frequency @jennikonner ?!
  2. Stella Spoils
    I swear I don't even know how I ended up on this list. Zero recollection of signing up. It's so COOL, which seems impossible because since when do cool kids actually refer to themselves as thus. Everyday I get 3ish gorgeous Instagram follow recommendations, a song to listen to, and an article. That day at least one of the things they mention will come up somewhere and I will feel like I won a prize because I already heard about it, like I'm hearing about things before they become the thing.
  3. Into the Gloss
    Today they had an interview with the beauty buyer from whole foods (dream job anyone?!?) they dedicated a whole month to eyebrows! They invented Glossier! This is my bible.
  4. Violet Grey
    I love them so much, I just want to curl up in their images and sleep. I learn so much about technique and products from this beautiful, beautiful site. I shamelessly price shop their product recommendations (they are never, never the cheapest) but oooo their stuff is so good.
  5. The Zoe Report
    Rachel Zoe, I just can't quit you. Your beauty recommendations are always on point and I love that you aren't always trying to sell me things (most of the time, but still babes got to eat)
  6. Refinery 29 San Francisco
    Or wherever you live. They just do a good job of hitting the gestalt of a certain kind of people in my city. Mostly the kind of people who get to leave their houses... But still, vicarious living! Teasing the technotati! Shoes for hills! I'm in
  7. The Skimm
    Feels like I'm at a happy hour filled with I bankers, which is fine because sometimes I need out of this tech bubble like WHOA. Especially good if you spent all day binge watching @lennonparham, and have not even turned on your computer, and suddenly see something on Twitter on your phone and are like "OMG what just happened?" I do kind of want to feed their logo a sandwich, but their summary and link game is tight.
  8. @Voxdotcom sentences/next draft
    Sentences: More news than the Skimm (which I love) but still very readable. It comes at the end of the day which is a nice thing, because I can either read it on my way home or in the AM like the rest. Next Draft: between 10-15 stories from various internet outlets. This one also comes in the afternoon (around 3pm) which always gave me something to read on my commute home.
    Suggested by   @maggzerts