A brunch list co-written with @thatzoegirl and @sophiec
  1. Size 9 Foot
  2. Must be this tall to ride
  3. Considers brunch a 3-5 hour activity that doesn't involve alcohol
    We don't need the calories
  4. Strongly prefer/only drink bubbly water
  5. Consider Peet's almond milk lattes equivalent to protein/energy drink
  6. Prime habitat, poolside laying with sunscreen
    Year round
  7. Knows all the words to 80% of all 90s rap songs
  8. Monthly field trips to Sephora
  9. Total anthropomorphic treatment of dogs
  10. Fine showing up dressed as modern destiny's child I.E. Exact same outfits but with twists indicating personal style (glam, preppy, boho)
  11. Jacket game always on point, always