I never get them but when I do (like when I get a hormonal shot the same day as Chemo) I freak the eff out and do all the things!! All of them...
  1. Electrocute it with my special tool
    My aunt the aesthetician turned us on to this tool - my mom and I both have one since it's like $30 on Amazon. You press it on and hold for 10 seconds and if you catch it early enough 95% of the time it's gone the next day. It doesn't actually electrocute it "oxygenates" and kills bacteria, but really the effect is touching a static electricity ball from the Exploratorium. It hurts a little but in a good way and it never makes them worse.
  2. Put on a mask
    Sulfur is my healing agent of choice because it doesn't make things flaky/painful/worse (notice a theme - DAMAGE CONTROL) this one by Murad is so popular it's sold out on Sephora but I found it on and I want to buy like 15 and hoard them 👍
  3. Put on a sticker so I leave it alone
    Not a real sticker an acne sticker - another one of those K-beauty things that finally made it stateside. Unclear if the acne medicine delivery actually works but it keeps my dirty fingers off it (it throbs! It hurts! I want to touch it!)