In order of my suspectedness and with my reasons. Gonna watch it as soon as I finish this list. also to be clear there are at LEAST 2 killers, because original scream and also because laws of physics, possibly 3 just to one up the original...
  1. Emma's Dad
    What was with that dream? Was it only so that people wouldn't be like WTF who is this guy when it turns out he's the killer? Also why is he on the poster since he's only in one episode?
  2. Piper
    Imagine if Courtney cox was the killer in the original!! BOOM!! also she appeared right when all this started and also keeps bringing key pieces of information. Top theories: Son of Daisy + Brandon in drag, sonogram was faked to throw off the chase, Lover of Seth Branson killing "for him" (not sure if he knows or not, but thinking he doesn't know and she planned jailbreak)
  3. Noah
    Obsessed with serial killers, and what a curveball he's so likeable! Keeps saying he's going to die in the trailer for the episode (you can't fool me!) Plays a lot of video games - everyone knows video game violence turns you into a serial killer or a tech millionaire
  4. Jake
    Show is using a lot of delightful homage to the original movie - remember in that movie how the killers attack themselves to throw off suspicion?
  5. Emma
    Working with someone, has multiple personality disorder, very mister robot but lots of things come out in twos (remember when there were two Disney princess movies done in the real world and played by Oscar winning actresses?!)
  6. Not Seth, Not Kieran
    Too much foreshadowing, always a giveaway that these people are NOT the killer. You can't fool me with your complete lack of subtlety. if there's a neon sign saying this is the killer, it means not the killer... Also brother sister sex is a little bit creepy for MTV
  7. Can't hold out any longer, must watch finale...