Seriously, people do this cool thing where they insert what they expect to see. Like that exhibit at the Exploratorium where you can read a paragraph even though hella words are missing... Look closely and the truth will be revealed.
  1. In the denim "popover"
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    Jcrew you save me
  2. I know the loose shirt is cheating
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    To be fair I can still tell because I can see the not chopped off breast through the shirt
  3. The one piece with a padded cup
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    The padding helps squish the skin but if you look closely you'll see that there is a distinct asymmetry
  4. The crop top
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    Having a mastectomy during a heat wave in SF (nobody has AC!!) is literally hell
  5. The striped mini dress
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    The one time vertical stripes are a good optical illusion for curvy girls
  6. The white button down
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    It's a classic for a reason