I blame @lenadunham for introducing me to rosehound apparel and basically creating a new source of crack. also all this cancer talk is leaving me feeling very raw and emo, and nothing soothes me like shiny things...
  1. Siracha, because I am hot + vaguely asian looking even though I was made in Cali, also COCKY AF
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  2. Young Leo, because I was born in 1983 and I saw R&J in the theater 4 times
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    Hearing anything from Baz Lurhman's brilliant soundtrack for that movie still leaves me feeling irrationally turned on, as does costume parties and fish tanks...
  3. Chanel #5 because it's the scent my mama wears
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    This pin is the equivalent of a giant mom tattoo on a Banner over a heart on my bicep - which FYI my mom would straight axe murder me if I got
  4. My butt is my best feature
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  5. This
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    Because it's how I see myself
  6. BFF emojis for my ride or die b's
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    I mean, duh obvi. How could I not rep my OG girl gang- also brunette was sold out..
  7. Back in style
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    But really did it ever go out of style?
  8. Swan aka my spirit animal
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    Technically a patch but whatever
  9. I just liked this one
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    Also I hella reuse bottle all the time for vases because I'm such an SF hippy and I can't throw anything away
  10. Does this even need an explanation?
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    Ok maybe, let's just say young men don't notice wedding rings but maybe they will read my buttons since they are strategically located closer to my ... Face. also breasts
  11. You're a Virgin Who can't drive
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    See aged reference above. Name this movie below and win a prize. that prize is my love.
  12. As of 9/11 collection on jacket
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  13. As of 9/11 collection on $12 etsy vintage purse inspiring looks of pure envy from all the other girls with their flairless, sad purses** (**this is 100% fictional)
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  14. For protection from evil
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    I was into this kabbalistic shit before it was cool... That said this French girl liked all my pin picks on Instagram and I became obsessed with her and bought this patch. Look up Cou Cou Suzette
  15. Nature pins!!!
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    Once a camp counselor, always a camp counselor. found this Netherlands brand "We are out of office" during my etsy shame spiral last night...
  16. This leaf reminds me of our honeymoon
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    And the print I just got for our bathroom for same same reasons. The gorgeous resort in Costa Rica we stayed for our first stop on the honeymoon was lush with these
  17. My dad used to call me his little mermaid
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    I love the ocean and I've been surrounded by it my whole life. the thought of leaving it and moving to the middle terrifies me...