My secret tricks for faking the bright-eyed bushy lashed look
  1. Arnica Gel or Traumeel cream
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    This potent bruise and swelling healer works great for sleepy, puffy undereyes. I read about Traumeel (a blend of arnica and other herbs known for circulatory or swelling aid) in an instyle article about cate blanchett's beauty secrets. I immediately tracked it down (it has a different name stateside - T Relief) and have been using one or the other for my puffy, tired eyes ever since.
  2. Eye drops with Menthol
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    Another magazine trick, this one gleaned from a make-up artist I don't remember. The bite of the menthol takes a little getting used to but it's addictive and it def makes my eyes look brighter and more wide awake. Rhoto is the brand she recommends and what I use...
  3. Pale cream eyeliner
    Sounds delicious doesn't it? True white can be too harsh for most people, a swoop of pale cream along the lower lash line is just the trick.
  4. 14 coats of curling mascara
    Benefit Roller Lash is my personal favorite. Be dramatic, let it smudge a little bit (helps cover the puffiness)