Inspired by an awesome list by @Lilysaltz these are the things I buy in pairs because I'm afraid if I run out my skin will turn into a horrible pizza-and- wrinkled disaster like it was during chemo...
  1. Biologique Recherché Lotion P50
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    I think it's technically a toner? I don't know what it is I just kept reading these cult-like obsession posts about it in Vogue and then the Olsen twins used it and I decided to try it and my pores magically disappeared and my husband loves the campfire smell... You can only buy it in one place in the U.S. - Recharge Spa but thankfully they do online ordering.
  2. Dr. Carvers Repair Serum
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    This is from dollar shave club and at $8 it is the best deal ever. It has salicylic acid + blueberry, white tea and other things that make it sound like a delicious smoothie, but it's not. It is the gentlest, acne serum ever with no smell and a silky, non-sticky texture. I put it all over my face. Before my honeymoon I wrote an email begging them to mail me two bottles out of my razor shipment cycle because I refused to leave the country without it.
  3. Murad Acne Spot Lightening Gel
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    This has hydroquinone which is controversial because of potential links to cancer. I'm not a doctor but I've read the studies and I still use it because it's amazing. all my popped cystic acne scars are gone, plus a crater from a cortisone shot and several other mystery spots and some of my less desirable freckles (although not all of them) and it appears to be preventing new ones.
  4. Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum
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    Sephora was somehow out of laser repairwear and I read some reviews saying this one was better so I tried it. the formula definitely feels and smells better which means I use it more consistently and when I don't use I feel like that orange peel pore thing comes back so I'm terrified to stop using it. Clinique you are a straight up drug dealer...
  5. Glossier Priming Moisturizer
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    Ever since my friend who's a cosmetic chemist told me that hyaluronic acid was the best plumping moisturizing ingredient on the market I've been trying every product I can afford/get my hands on. Dollars to results this one is by far my favorite. Smell and texture and packaging are obsession inducing enough but try it once and watch how your skin instantly plumps up like bread in an oven.
  6. Epiduo
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    A prescription I had to fight tooth and nail to get and then even more to get insurance to pay for - it's a game changer for acne plagued skin because they've combined the ingredients (Retinol and benzoyl peroxide) in a way that increases efficacy but diminishes irritation... It's what my derm AND my skin said..
  7. James Read Tan Sleep Mask
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    More of my beloved hyaluronic acid - this time combined with the perfect dose of never - orange faux tanner. since I use all the other stuff, my face tan fades much faster than my faux body tan. this stuff has the lightest, silkiest gel formula that plumps skin and, I always wake up with the perfect hint of color.