Sneak Peek of the New Glossier Serums

As a "friend of the brand" I got early access to the new Glossier serums - aptly named "The Supers" and they are amazing...
  1. They are $28/one or $65 for three
    Considering serums are pricey this is a fairly good deal and you really only need a few drops
  2. The active ingredients are awesome and multifunctional
    Super pure contains ingredients touted for skin healing, infection, anti inflammation AND aging
  3. The packaging is adorable per usual
  4. So cute
  5. They are super light
    And absorb quickly with a light almost unnoticeable smell
  6. They make your skin look amazing
    They are designed to be used together for combination skin - which is everyone. I use the super pure on my chin, glow everywhere, and bounce on my cheeks and around the eyes
  7. They will be available Sept 12
    Get ready the buzz is bananas
  8. Everyone else loves bounce but my favorite is glow
    I already use a lot of hyaluronic acid (it's awesome) but finding a good, affordable Vitamin C is the holy grail of serums
  9. They really work
    I've only been using them for a week, as part of my intense protocol but people (including me) have noticed the difference