Requested by @lorothery
I have a particular vulnerability to sunscreen - so I know this pain very well. Turns out some ingredients I am fine with... Until they are exposed to sunlight (there's a special name for this, where the sunlight breaks down the chemicals in a way that forms a new chemical and that's what you are allergic to) So, here's my plan of attack...
  1. A Hat
    Seriously, physical blockers are so important. If sunscreens irritate your skin the best thing is to bring your own shade. A really cool one will help you actually want to wear it 😁
  2. Korres Yoghurt Sunscreen
    This stuff is so light and creamy but doesn't seem to irritate my sensitive skin. It also has this AH-mazing smell which comes from the soothing yoghurt (milk is a great ingredient to soothe sensitive skin and balance PH)
  3. La-Roche Posey 60 Melt-In Sunscreen Milk
    Again with the milk! Same same idea, slightly cheaper price point. UNforch I've found that cheap sunscreens contain whatever ingredient it is that makes my sensitive skin break out in a horrible rash.
  4. Makeup with SPF
    Not only do I feel more likely to use it if I get a little coverage but this one is extra moisturizing so it helps with my eczema (moisturizes skin is less likely to break and allow irritants below the skin cells)
  5. Big Sunglassss
    Also provides SPF (much like the hat) but make sure it says so! I'm currently obsessed with these ones by Raen that are handmade and cover basically half my face and offer 100% UVA/UVB protection