All the outer things you need to get through the most fickle of all the seasons
  1. Bomber Jacket (classic)
    Thank KenGi for this trend which goes equally great with leggings on your way to yoga as it does with just about anything else - love you always athliesure
  2. Bomber Jacket (pastel)
    Every year something needs to be pastel - this year it's the IT jacket (see above)
  3. Jean jacket
    Ripped or not ripped - it's a classic always
  4. Colored Leather jacket
    Color is so fresh and summery
  5. Or white leather jacket
    Black is also fine, basically all leather jackets all the time
  6. Trench coat
    Bonus points with shorts 😁👌 this is me with my post chemo pixie in a very dirty bathroom mirror - hashtag classy
  7. Floral (bomber) jacket
    It's shocking how long I have had this jacket - every spring I dust it off and it's chic and fresh AF
  8. Pastel coat
    For when it's cold but you still want to be all "spring"