I hate it when people say "essentials" - like food is essential, a really cute wide brim hat is NICE, ya dig? That said, these things are pretty dope dope dope
  1. A really cute wide brim hat thing
    Breathable straw +5, boater style - totes the shape of the season, but really the point is personal shade transporter
  2. Tote thing
    For transporting all the other things - bonus points if it gets better looking as it gets dirtier
  3. Romper boho thing
    If it's soft and brightly colored and under $50 I am all in
  4. Portable phone charger thingy
    I swear I have a bazillion of these stashed everywhere, one is always charging like I'm someone people actually need to reach like a doctor or whatever
  5. Caftan scarf thing
    Never trust nice weather - it will burn you or turn windy, always bring something soft and flowy to drape for sun/wind protection
  6. Faux tanner + sunscreen + more sunscreen + other potions for hydration/sun protection/anti-aging
    Ad nauseum repeat - fill your tote thing with them. I find my natural urge to lay in sunshine like a pre-cancerous lizard is highly quenched by the appearance of tanness
  7. The End