In honor of the pinkest month of the year - here's what keeps me from sleeping at night
  1. 1 in every 8 women will get diagnosed with it
    That's batty right? After heart disease it's the most common kind of disease in women. The good news is that because of this it's very treatable- there are some amazing drugs out there, and a lot of women are lucky enough to catch it early enough these days that the mortality rate has been chopped on almost half since the 70s. But there's still a lot of work to do because...
  2. Breast cancer has the highest mortality rate of any kind of cancer for women between the ages of 15-35
    Early detection methods that currently exist (like the controversial mammogram) do not work on the dense young breast tissue of women in this age group. That leaves manual detection (see my list - how to give yourself a breast exam) which most young women don't do enough enough so that by the time they notice an actual "lump" the disease is pretty advanced- those awesome treatments that work so well for stopping the spread of disease aren't doing much for these women, so the rates here are ⬆️
  3. There is still no cure for metastatic breast disease
    The truth is you don't need your breasts. cancer in the breast doesn't kill anybody - it's when that cancer spreads to other organs that people die. Breast cancer treatment has focused on stopping the spread of the disease (chop the breast off, nuke the body w/Chemo) with very few options on for how to deal once it's spread. sInce metastatic disease is still breast cancer -treatments for cancer in those areas don't work - for example a leukemia drug won't help breast cancer in the bone.
  4. Fundraising for "Early Detection" is totally worthless
    For the millions of women who already have it, the ones who will get diagnosed need you to support breast cancer RESEARCH. We have social media for awareness. The "pink washing" means there's not enough money going towards finding a cure for metastatic disease, ways to treat it that don't cause women to become infertile or get another kind of cancer as a side effect. Awareness is shiny and pretty and easy but if it were enough the mortality and infection rate would be going down, instead of up