1. Just in case you do not have a witchy, powerful gypsy Aesthetician for an Aunt
    Who taught you the ways of pimple banishing at a young age
  2. Behold - the portable high frequency machine
  3. It is literally a magic wand
    If the magic you want is to speed up healing time and banish acne
  4. It works by "oxygenating" the skin
    Which is a fancy way of saying it improves circulation and opens up the clogged pore, allowing your body to heal itself and also for your treatments to penetrate better
  5. It can feel shocking (literally)
    Like static electricity, and it smells like ozone
  6. But it's only painful if it's a sore spot
    Like the zit is sore
  7. As a bonus it keeps my pick-loving fingers off my face
  8. And at $30 (yes, $30 for a device you can use for years)
    I just don't understand why everyone doesn't own one
  9. bippity, boppity, boop