Requested by Ellen

The Deal with Cetaphil - it's HELLA bad for you

Great question, here's why it gets the thumbs down from me.
  1. This is the Think Dirty App
    I was ALL about the cetaphil until I discovered the Think Dirty app, which tells you about your cosmetic products in terms of this very complicated ingredient index that used to be a gigantic pain in the ass to search. The app makes it easy...
  2. It gives you an easy to understand ranking of your products
    1 is good, 10 is bad
  3. As you can see, cetaphil is bad
    Because it's got parabens - those carginogenic and reproductively toxic suckers that somehow became a beauty product staple
  4. It even gives you a breakdown by ingredient
  5. All the cetaphil products use different nasty parabens
  6. And that is why I don't use Cetaphil anymore
    Whamp whamp whamp