📸 The Last 5 Photos I Took, Explained

  1. I forgot to bring a purse big enough to carry my lazy purse dog in, so she picked out this cool basket at the new Reformation store. I felt like a PoMo hipster Dorothy off to see the wizard.
  2. Went to see Beauty and the Beast with my girl gang. This made the rounds after because it speaks to our truth. 😭 had to send it to my 6'4 husband, obvi. Technically a screenshot but trying to be true to the exercise.
  3. Out to dinner at Sessions in the Presidio with these two hot babes. Sent a selfie to the hubs to say hi. Also clearly I look hot so it had to be documented... insta caption: Hello Charlie. Nobody got it. Here's a big hint 😇
  4. Airports are disgusting, especially bathrooms. My tiny travel friend is basically a breathing swiffer, so she gets to ride on my perfectly balanced and highly loved away suitcase. Not an ad. Love this damn thing so much.
  5. I always mask on airplanes because I have zero shame. This is the first sheet mask I have ever found that doesn't make me look like a serial killer. I actually think I look like a hot super hero/villain. Obviously had to selfie. My super power is getting off an airplane looking dewy and fresh.