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  1. I care more about my hair than I do about dying
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    And I'm not alone in feeling this way
  2. I was a spoiled brat with perfect skin
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    Until I started Chemo and it became AWFUL
  3. I know I'm pretty
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    Not model pretty, but definitely pretty
  4. Nobody can tell you don't have eyelashes with the right eyeliner
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    Ditto eyebrows
  5. I spent a small fortune on cosmetics and skincare
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    I'm pretty sure anyone on here who's read any of my lists knows this - as further proof here's me waking up from surgery.... With a cat eye
  6. Zero. Fs. Given.
    I want to be the poster child for the it's OK to care how you look movement! Because guess what - it's Ok!! Im not advocating for conforming to narrow standards of beauty or doing anything dangerous- I just like wearing make-up and giving myself facials. I ask you, is that so bad?