Always trying to be a trendsetter because I spend too much time on the Internet #whatisprefall
  1. Bandanas
    worn as the world's coolest, cheapest bracelet as demonstrated here by @leandra
  2. Bandanas
    worn as necklaces, that somehow do not look like cowboy costumes.
  3. Long Vests that look like coats without sleeves
    It's pre-fall in the time of global warming. Like you're so sick of all your summer clothes and you want to wear something structured instead of flowey and bohemian but it's still 72 degrees...
  4. Wool Hats
    Because global warming means you need a big brim but straw looks goofy with anything that has a lapel and shoulders.. also 60s are back in a big way...
  5. Impossible to Find Perfectly Worn in Vintage Flares
    Because seriously 60s and 70s are back and also look at those tuchuses!!! The fact that they are literally impossible to find or create doesn't hurt either...
  6. Clogs
    Because the comfortable shoe trend is way to hard to give up but we miss having the clomp of a good heel (also see previous comment about 60s/70s)