I'm listening but it's not fun.. surgical recovery sucks. Released in honor of #draftmas because I'm slightly scared of @aprilkquioh - never published because it was basically just me bitching and I hate being only negative and dumping that energy out into the universe. also reminds me of being in SO MUCH PAIN, but I'm better now so...
  1. Massage
    I'm so sore and my back and neck are killing me
  2. Gluten
    This one might be forever
  3. Acupuncture
    Something about infection and blood flow, either way I hate it
  4. Smoking Pot
    Edibles are too strong, like they make me HIGH. Only thing worse than being nauseous is being stoned and nauseous. I just want one puff to take the edge off! But hey, carbon monoxide from smoking can cause WOUND OPENING. So I deal...
  5. Lifting my arm above my head
    There's been a heat wave, a had a yeast infection in my armpit and it was terrible.