High quantities of lean protein, not much else... If you know, you know. so far it's actually been pretty tasty, satisfying and as difficult to follow as all my normal dietary issues
  1. Salmon & Soft Cooked Eggs
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    Onion allowed but as a garnish - not as a "vegetable"
  2. Cloud Bread
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    Made from eggs, cream of tartar, lowfat cream cheese. Tastes like a fluffy, crispy omelette but with the appealing texture of bread. Clearly failed (they all bled together) but will try again
  3. Chicken Provençal
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    Called because it's Chicken breast covered in herbs de Provençal.
  4. Dukan Meatloaf
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    So delicious I couldn't even get a picture but it's just lean, ground beef + egg+ salt and a diced onion. Topped with a mix of Dijon and Tomato Paste (allowed as a seasoning) spread on top. here's a picture of my place setting instead..
  5. All the sliced chicken breast
    Snacking is hard on this diet, possibly why it works
  6. So much water
    My skin is so plump and dewy right now
  7. Dukan Cocoa Protein Muffins
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  8. Salmon with lemon & onion
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  9. Leftover salmon (for lunch)
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  10. More muffins
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  11. Egg muffins
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  12. Salmon & Egg muffins
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  13. I bought too much salmon
  14. Better cloud bread
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  15. Chicken, Yogurt and Clive roll ups
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  16. Jamie Oliver's roast chicken in milk
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  17. It was so good
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  18. Lemon no-bake cheesecake
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  19. Husband has not noticed I'm on diet because I distract him with pretty place settings
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