In case you are looking for something most awesome, to give someone in your life who's going through this hellish experience. Here's Some creative and amazing ideas by @thatzoegirl @gabimoskowitz @sophie, my mom, And Al. They nailed it so hard that it might take a Arnold Schwarzenegger and a claw hammer to pull that sh!t out of the wall.
  1. A t-shirt that says killing it
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    That's right cancer, you about to be dead. Plus 12,000 points because the shirt is SHINY and GOLD but still totes minimalist
  2. A very special fortune cookie
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    The lucky numbers on the back are #oo
  3. A trip to a gorgeous pool to lie around...
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    Because if you're too sick to do anything but lay around, WHY NOT AT A pool?!?! Paige and Zoe, your pool time invites probably saved my life or at least my sanity.
  4. a lotion bouquet
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    Like a small fortunes worth of healing creams for everything from pain to swelling to stretchmarks. Stuff insurance doesn't cover which costs a bloody fortune but makes such a huge difference in happiness. Please please please nothing scented - medicines make you so sensitive to smells (causes rashes and migraines!)
  5. A really cute place to store my hideous pills
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    Because staring at them makes me feel like the sick person I technically am. How freaking cute is this? To be fair @glossier gives this to everybody but i care not at all
  6. Gorgeous and rare fresh fruits
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    @gabimoskowitz brought me the last of her figs - I'm pretty sure it's the only thing I've actually wanted to eat in the last four months. also just enough that I can taste them, not so much that I feel guilty when they go bad...
  7. Rides everywhere
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    Like not just to doctors appointments (although I would never survive without you al!) but also to fun things I want to attend like @sophiec driving me to every single event in September and October. bonus points it if comes with a corgi I can gently snuggle...
  8. If I agree to go to a party, save me a seat
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    I cannot stand around, being innocently jostled by thoughtless drunk people. Save me a nice, protected seat and I will love you forever
  9. Asking me for advice that makes me feel useful
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    Because I have felt absolutely worthless and Steph's requests for styling tips have made me feel completely redeemed and like I might actually have something to contribute
  10. Playlists
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  11. Daily funnies & relevant articles
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    That require no response or pressure of any kind but help me from feeling totally isolated and apart from the world. tHanks @sashka