Couples list inspired by @gabimoskowitz list for @evan - like Gabi & Evan we agree on so many things (including how much we love being married to each other..) but there are some things we just can't even
  1. Tomatoes
    I think they are the world's most perfect food, Steve thinks they are "slimy and disgusting"
  2. Mayonnaise
    I think it's a creamy, dreamy addition to anything Steve thinks its repulsive
  3. Sleeping in
    I think of you try to wake me up before 8am you should carry some kind of weapon for self defense, Steve thinks it should be reserved exclusively for the weekends and that it's a waste of valuable time and that it was a good idea to wake up at 3am or something insane like that to row crew IN COLLEGE where I refused to take classes that met before noon
  4. Working out
    Steve thinks it's a nice thing to do or something necessary for sportsing, also NOT working out makes him skinnier. I think it's the only thing that keeps me from turning into an anxiety riddled monster who eats her feelings and that after a few days my body becomes "loose"
  5. EDM
    Steve thinks it's great when he's drunk, I think it's AMAZING all the time
  6. Skincare
    Steve believes that occasionally washing your face with that blue Keihls for men stuff and not shaving is an acceptable routine - I believe that skincare is a full time, life affirming science which should be diligently practiced and involves no less that 6 products and constant research and experimentation. also I cried last night when the really nice oil cleanser someone gave me fell on the floor and broke after I'd barely used it (only long enough to become obsessed with it!)
  7. Cargo Pants
    Steve thinks they are the most luxurious and functional item of clothing he owns, more comfortable than even pajama pants, while stylishly covering his knees. Also they are original A&F from 1997, and therefore "timeless." I think my eyeballs catch on fire every time I look at them, that they make my incredibly hot and fit husband look pear shaped and that the only reason I haven't thrown them away is that he said if I did he would leave me.