Because every list involves eating and because a lot of people have mentioned coming to SF this weekend @scoutregalia being one of them, having been born and raised in SF and living in the city all but 4 years I left and went to college, I have some ideas...
  1. Daytime Park Shenanigans
    SF has this amazingly vibrant park scene that stems from the fact that anything above 66 is shorts weather and that everywhere you go has an unbelievable view! Like preppy boys in their chubbies and every kind of portable sports game imaginable? Try fort Mason! a palm tree lined oasis with convenient ocean breezes and a view of the sparkling Marina and Golden Gate Bridge! prefer PBR, rompers and ironic facial hair? Dolores park is your jam, surrounded by the best munchies in town
  2. Go Boutique Shopping
    It's dangerous but we have some of the best little pockets of shopping (and I've been to LA & NY so I know of which we speak) with cool owners who curate hella bomb collections - Hayes Valley wins this one but you can find treasures on Haight Street, Mission Street and even the Union, Fillmore chestnut "horseshoe"
  3. Leave SF and see some Redwoods
    You don't have to go far - Marin Headlands, Muir Woods, Guerneville, Santa Cruz. within 2 hours of scenic driving you can leave the city to hike in trees that have been growing for CENTURIES. did you know redwoods grow at the same rates human hair (1/4 inch per month) so think about that while you look up...
  4. Go to the beach
    SF beach scenes are not like other scenes- much less bikinis, much more dogs, so many bridges. My favorites are China Beach, Baker Beach, Stinson Beach (in Marin) and Ocean beach for sunset (also this one requires extra layers it is always 10 degrees colder than anywhere else in the city)
  5. Drive around and look at all the hills
    SF is made up of 7 hills like Rome and Jerusalem. Unlike those places we don't have any holy sites so all of them can be reached by car or walking and each one has cool views, houses and things you can only find by exploring. the hills are Twin Peaks, Sunset district, Russian Hill, Pac Heights (try to find the peeing robot!), Coit Tower/Northbeach and Mt. Davidson
  6. Pub Crawl
    SF has some distinct neighborhoods but it being so small (7x7) there are pockets of concentrated activity surrounded by residential zones. This makes bar hopping particularly fun since you can typically walk to SO many bars. I live in the Marina so I'll do chestnut/Fillmore (the yuppy scene) and occasionally Union (baby yuppies, a little too intense for me but site of the beer pong bar @bjnovak) - you can also do Polk Street, the mission, NOPA, SOMA
  7. Looking for specific recos?
    Hit me up! I'm always happy to help!