Requested by @shiraRD
  1. Start a fundraiser for her
    Cancer is so disgustingly expensive, even with health insurance. Nobody doesn't need a little extra help during this time but nothing is better than having the discretionary funds to do what you need. Check out:
  2. Offer specific things you can do to help
    Instead of saying "how can I help you?" Take the work out by saying - can I come over and do your dishes? Walk the dog? Take your kid to the park? Clean your shower? Fill out some medical forms? I had a million people offering me rides (which I did not need) but what I needed was things I would never ask someone to do... but if they offered I would've jumped all over it
  3. Avoid presents unless specifically requested
    Fresh flowers are forbidden, as are a bunch of strange foods (think pregnant woman, only worse) Skin changes and becomes more sensitive. Your tastebuds change, as does your mouth and digestive system. Presents put pressure on the receiver to use them, and it can be exhausting to keep everyone informed on the three page list of things you can't do or have.
  4. Just be there
    She will tell you what she needs or wants from you - don't demand detailed health updates, understand if plans get cancelled, but make yourself easy and available for whatever - no pressure.
  5. Send funny things
    Like you would normally do. Especially things that have nothing to do with cancer, don't expect a response but know that it's appreciated.