There's something about the "end of summer" that makes you appreciate it so much more, even if you live in the land of endless summer... Anyways, this party was amazing and here's why:
  1. There was a swan
    Her name is broken wing. her wing mysteriously deflated the day before my surprise mastectomy. we decided this was a portent and also magical and she is therefore my spirit animal. like me she strategically hides her wound for better pictures..
  2. And lots of other toys
    Who doesn't like a lot of balls?
  3. And dogs, dogs make everything better
    Even teeny tiny pocket poodles named... Pixel
  4. And all my favorite people
    Including the swan
  5. Just like everyone in a good mood, fun but super chill
  6. More dogs
    The rest of the set ups not bad either... I mean she had cute striped towels for everyone
  7. The dogs systematically stole and deflated all the balls, we cared not at all
  8. It ended with a dance party..
    I was too busy dancing to take pictures. basically the mark of a good party...