Why not treat your skin nice - it's the largest organ in the body so it will treat you nice back. Also these are fun!
  1. Drink lots of water
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    If you're drinking alcohol, drink more water. Eat foods that are hydrating (I have a list on this) also, your skin likes water too, so get a mist! Prepare for addiction! My favorite is Glossier which is somehow more substantial and more cooling while still being light and refreshing. My second favorite is Mario badescu which is $8 at UO. Start Monday off with clear skin, clear dreams and clear urine and you'll look "rested" even if you don't feel it...
  2. Eat fish or chia or something
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    You're looking for those lovely fatty oils that form the building blocks for healthy skin - getting enough of those lipids will treat a multitude of sins but especially irritation and dryness. For me this usually means getting my weekend Benedict copenhague (lox instead of Canadian bacon) and buying one overpriced but delicious smoothie with chia...
  3. Sunscreen & a Hat & Big Glasses
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    Hats are so cute! My facial skin hasn't felt sunlight since I was 20! Find a nice dewy cc cream with SPF 50 and apply liberally throughout the day. wash it off with an oil cleanser (it bonds better to the gook without stripping your natural face oils!) plus it's a fantastic excuse to wear just a little bit of color correction and still be all "effortless" and "oh I just woke up like this" HEARD OFTEN: Your skin looks amazing today in this full sunlight in the shade of your hat! What is that?
  4. Exfoliate!
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    If your skin is sensitive or you're trying a mask for the first time, do this on Saturday, then mask on Sunday. Some people say that exfoliating right before a mask can cause irritation. It's never happened to me and I prefer it (get all the gunk out of the way so those expensive ingredients can work!) but you have to figure out what works for you. Sadly this is one place only trial and error can help. I also like enzyme peels especially fruit acids - they smell good which makes them more fun
  5. Do a Mask
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    Just one (over masking can be irritating, masks these days are potent!) listen to your skin - is it dry? Try a moisturizing sheet mask which works by trapping the active ingredients against your skin and basically forcing them to drink. Irritated? try a soothing mask with oatmeal (like from your pantry ) Broken out? A sulfur or charcoal mask is your best friend. Pores like saucers? Charcoal or exfoliating masks are your bud, I love these two
  6. Take a field trip to sephora
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    I do this way too often (then again I have VIB status through 2017 so who's winning here?) clean your skin then try one super expensive eye cream, serum, treatment and moisturizer, finish with SPF. Free facial! Get lots of samples, price shop online from your phone while you walk around (if it's not a sephora exclusive or an obscure brand you will most often find it online for cheaper or with a discount code.) do your makeup. Go out for brunch.