I might still wear white but it's time to switch up my skin care
  1. Sun Damage "Morning After pill"
    You probably wore SPF and a big hat every single day right? But in case you didn't, now is the time to strip away that damaged skin. Add in a retinol (see list) and consider a chemical peel or a few microdermabrasion sessions with a pro. I like to scout for expired groupons (you can typically find good stuff in the $50-70 range) and then contact the aestheticians directly and see if they will honor it. My mom is a hairdresser and she makes NO money on these deals so... Don't feel guilty
  2. Amp up your moisturizer
    Cold air is drying. Being inside with fake air is drying. Imagine your skin is a leaf, do you want to be a leaf in summer or a leaf in the fall? You don't need to switch out the light delicate feeling of your summer cream, just make sure to look for potent and effective ingredients. My current fave (you've probably seen them if you've read ) is Glossier for day and Garnier for night
  3. Consider a Humidifier
    Summer tends to take you to what essentially amounts to natures humidifiers - large bodies of water. You can fake this effect at home just by putting a bowl of water next to your bed! (Seriously it works! The water evaporates and balances out dry air!) but if you want to get fancy there's some cute little ones especially during back to school season
  4. Don't stop wearing SPF
    Just because summers gone does not mean sun damage is- even people who are amazing with SPF in the summer are bad at this! every morning people! Every morning!!