Seriously, it happens every year. Drugstores, Amazon, they literally cannot keep these cold weather/holiday season essentials in stock. Get them while you can! Crystal courtesy of @thatzoegirl
  1. Spray on body lotion
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    Winner of just about every beauty award there is, this lotion is coveted for it's easy application, quick absorption, and effective moisturizing. So coveted is this lotion that come December it will be almost impossible to find, sold out everywhere from your corner drugstore to Amazon. On my current excursion to the Wal, I got the last one on the shelf.
  2. Purse Sized Elnett Hairspray
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    Widely believed to be the best hairspray of all time, come holiday party season the purse-sized version will be missing from all the shelfs. This brushable, volumizing, light as air spray keeps updos in check, tames brows, plumps deflating waves and just about everything else you want from a hairspray.
  3. Wet N Wild Cream Kohl Eyeliner
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    Looking for the perfect "cream" color to depuff and brighten those tired, holiday-party-every-night eyes? This cheapie works better than fancier brands I tried at Sephora, and at this price I'll have them stashed in every purse.
  4. Mint Cocoa Moisturizing Lip Balm
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  5. Extra Candy Cane Seasonal Edition
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    Sweet and minty, this is another seasonal flavor I can't get enough of. Makes an awesome stocking stuffer.
  6. LOREAL dry hair spray!! duh
    Suggested by @thatzoegirl
  7. Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Balm Stain - this stuff stays put all day!
    Suggested by @jennakb