Because why spend more when you can spend less...
  1. This dry shampoo is BEST EVER $5
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    Smells amazing, doesn't leave white on my dark hair, disappears as if it was never applied - taking all the dirt with it. BONUS: you can apply it and THEN heat style with a flat iron and instead of getting weird you end up with very shiny, clean feeling hair....
  2. The $12 Night Cream that feels like La Mer
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    The light texture! The sweet smell like summer blooming honeysuckle! The way I wake up and my skin looks plump and dewy like a baby. It's all about that Hyaluronic acid and this one is the best bang for your buck of the dozens I've tried
  3. Dollar Shave Club $6
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    The trick to a good shave is a sharp razor. Dull blades tug on the skin causing irritation and increasing the risk of infection. They can also cut the hair in a way that causes ingrown. Not only do the blades appear like magic in your mailbox every month but at $6 for 4 blades it's the best deal in town! Use my link:
  4. Dr. Carver's Repair Serum $12
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    I wrote about this one in my addicts guide to skincare - needless to say I use this as an acne serum all over my face. It's got the perfect light, fast absorbing texture, no smell and is packed with soothing, anti-acne ingredients including salicylic acid and willow bark. Get it on Dollar Shave Club also!
  5. Kiehl's Razor Bump Relief
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    For razor burn and ingrown hairs! After I shave I slather this on really thick and just let it sit for a few minutes. It is the only thing that I've found that really works to actually reduce ingrown hairs and smooth razor burn!
    Suggested by @Meatball
  6. Holika Holika Clearing BB cream
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    It's about 7 bucks on Amazon and works better that the tiny $30 tube of tinted sunscreen I splurged on. A little goes a long way. And it covers a multitude of sins (and heals them while you go about your day)
    Suggested by @AllieLarkin
  7. Coconut Oil $8
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    I know it's so cliche right now but I use this stuff for everything - shaving my legs, moisturizer, mouthwash... I swear the antibacterial/anti fungal properties have cured my folliculitis completely and help with random body breakouts. also works as lip balm, hair treatment and for glossy eyelids & shaped brows. Smelling like an almond joy is just a bonus!