If I were a teacher creating a curriculum for a certain kind of book then "Why Not Me?" would be the first book in the syllabus. Alternate title for this list: Why NOT Me?
  1. Like WNM, people will want to read it over and over again.
    It will be comforting literature of a genre best described as "like getting an email when your ex wants you back." Reading it just makes you feel good.
  2. The challenges in my story will be universal even though my life experiences are distinctly special.
    You are an incredibly hard-working and talented celebrity, and I am a girl living with stage IV metastatic breast cancer... the only thing that unites these two traits is that these things do not happen to everyone. I hope that if I am a good enough writer like you are, then the lessons I have learned - despite their situational rarity- will still touch and inspire everyone. Also, like a celebrity my life seems filled with the kind of cinematic extremes that make for great inspirational tales.
  3. It will be a loosely grouped collection of vignettes.
    Like a good wedding toast, morality tales are best delivered in short punchy memories with a distinct beginning, middle, punchline/end. This style of communication has served me well so far and seeing it in perfectly executed form in YNM gives me hope.
  4. It will be sweet, but also funny and real.
    Because I think WNM has officially proved once and for all that literature can be all of those things.
  5. Old friend, inspiration, and bonafide celebrity @gabimoskowitz will make delightful cameos in the stories.
    Like @bjnovak does in WNM - because everyone loves knowing who the people are in the story. Also we do funny shit together. And I'm pretty sure if we were cast in a TV show where we had to kiss we would just go for it also (sorry @evan and @steve ) 👯
  6. I will be brave enough to share the parts of me I like the least, and also the best.
    Like all good writing does. It also helps people realize you are a real person and not a fictional character/inspiration-robot programmed for their literary pleasure. I may draw on my life for my writing but that doesn't mean I like to be judged for my life decisions either, but if you must judge me then LIKE ME.
  7. I will include a tastefully curated selection of pictures of me where I look effing fabulous.
    Why people never thought to do this sooner is beyond me, but @mindy looks like a sex goddess in every picture in her book and I plan to do the same. Pure. Genius.