1. Add a chic topper
    It makes your whole deal look like an OUTFIT but it also doubles as serious SPF protection.
  2. Sleep in (your moisturizing mask)
    I love the glossier one but in my poorer younger days a thin coating of Vaseline was my go-to. Wash it off in the morning and reveal plump, balanced skin. This is for everyone, including oily beauties - adding moisture can stop the overproduction of oil and actually help mattify your skin!
  3. Faux tan
    It's time - you have my permission to start being a bronzed goddess. I tried out a new, more natural line this week and it was amazing!! http://www.denajulia.com/2016/04/review-versaspa-marine-algae-tanning-products.html?m=1
  4. Breathable fabrics for body acne
    Possibly TMI but I am Rashy and sensitive AF - just typing the word probably will make me break out. I've learned that when its warm I have to wear natural fabrics - 100% cotton, linen, silk - or my body turns into a patchwork quilt of eczema and acne caused by sweat, bacteria and other people's perfume.
  5. Spend 20 minutes prepping your face and 5 minutes on your makeup
    http://www.denajulia.com/2016/03/how-to-prep-your-skin-for-big-event.html?m=1 basically moisturize the crap out of your skin before putting your makeup on and watch it last all day and be amazing