What can you use/not use if you're on prescription acne topical medication???

Oh god - sorry babe I have no idea this is something you need to ask your derm. Here's my best advice
  1. Just be gentle
    Mixing ingredients is bad enough (this you should run by your doc for sure!) but also be wary of over exfoliation from Manual scrubbing
  2. Don't forget to moisturize
    Quote the pharmacist when I started on Epiduo: "This works better when you combine it with a cream?" ME: "WHAT CREAM?!?!" Him: "Um, like um for um moisturizing err I think?" ME: Moisturizer? Him: "yeah I guess that's what it's called?!" Helpful man, real helpful.
  3. Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen
  4. It takes some time to work
    Usually things get worse (the "purge") before they get better but it's worth the wait