Oh sweet beautiful girl - there is nothing effortless about this hair but I love you for saying that. Here's what I do... It's a whole lot of effort, but I love it.
  1. Once a week I wash + condition it
    I use The Oaui which is by Gigi Hadid's hairstylist and kind of an expert on this beachy undone waves thing. You can read my list where I review it, plus find links to buy here: REVIEW OF @THEOUAI 😍😍
  2. I get a professional blowout
    From my mom because she's a hairdresser but groupon usually has blowout deals
  3. I ask her to do it big and bouncy - no flat iron
    She will occasionally do loose curls using this iron that has a brush on the crimping part, don't ask me how she's a witch
  4. I spray it liberally with my head upside down with dry shampoo or hairspray or both or the Oaui product that claims to be both (link in that first bullet)
  5. or sometimes just blow it straight as seen here (http://www.denajulia.com/2016/03/rose-gold-hair.html?m=1) with a little curl at the end if I don't have anything super special that night
  6. Then I sleep with it up in a loose bun.
  7. It looks pretty great in the morning BUT if I need extra oomph- I curl it with a big curling iron.
  8. I split it into three layers. Layer one is the bottom. I curl it away from my face. I start about two inches down from the roots and leave at least an inch (sometimes more) out of the bottom.
    This is step one for "effortless" look
  9. Layer two is the middle, this time I curl it towards my face. Alternating direction like this is what makes it super "effortless" looking - this is the secret sauce right here.
  10. Top layer away from the face again. Spray again with stuff and add some oil or a heavy finishing cream just on the ends.
    This does double duty smoothing them but also weighting them down so they pull out the curls and make them look more sexy/messy less pageanty.
  11. The dirtier it gets the better it looks.
    I usually stretch it to 4-5 days with an updo, sometimes up to a full week. Dry shampoo in powder form is best for after day 4-5. I apply it liberally before bed then blow out any extra powder with a blowdryer (on cool) in the morning. I also very very rarely brush it and usually only before throwing it up or recurling it (somewhere around day 3-4)- this picture was taken when my hair hadn't been washed in 8 DAYS. Disgusting, I know.
  12. I get very creative with my updo
    Currently very into pigtails, which is ridiculous at my age but whatever
  13. I'm also digging a low, super messy bun
  14. Important note: waves look best with tonal colors IE highlights, balyage, ombre, sombre, whatever you want to call it. Monochrome hair does not show off waves well
    The trade off of course is that it can look a little "stripey" straight, go with your gut on this one