These are my "mastectomy photos" - those are not my nipple, that's my scar. The nipple has been blurred or "starred" if you want to read the whole, long story about my decision to take and share these photos: http://www.denajulia.com/2015/12/beautiful-post-mastectomy-pictures-happy.html?m=1
  1. Scary
    Not only am I topless but I'm also Frankenstein's monster - I've been cut open and sewn back together twice. There's the potential judgment and derision, there's the fear and there's also the shame of my illness and the abnormality of my body as a result of it.
  2. Liberating
    I'm not ashamed of my body, even though it tried to kill me. I am proud of what I've survived and I know I would've loved to see a picture like this instead of the headless, fluorescent lit doctors shots or the black + white weeping pics.
  3. Exhausting
    I must've rewritten the blog post a million times - I'm not sure anything I've ever written in my life has ever scared me or inspired me more.
  4. Surreal
    I know that's my body but look at anything enough and it's a bunch of squiggly lines. Did I mention I'm scared and exhausted?