Requested by Shaina Desai


  1. Let's start by defining a toner
    For me a toner is all about the consistency- a water-like substance (usually with a little more weight to it but essentially juice) which follows cleansing and precedes a serum. It's similar to the new k-skin import essence - not sure I could tell you the difference.
  2. There are different kinds of toners
    The most common are "astringents" usually containing alcohol/witch hazel/tea tree oil who's primary goal is eliminate acne via anti-bacterial and drying of the skin. There are also ones for pores (similar to astringents but less drying) and also moisturizing. I like to think about toners as something that helps your skin find balance. I often use two kinds - Lotion P50 which treats acne/pores and balances PH and rose water mist with aloe/glycerin which helps balance the skins moisture levels.
  3. Apply them to clean skin using a tapping motion
    Usually a cotton pad is involved - place on the skin using a tapping, not rubbing lotion. Follow with serum, then moisturizer.
  4. Frequency of use varies
    Read the instructions and listen to your skin. Some are for twice a day, once a day, once a week. Start every other day or dilute the toner with water on the pad first for a week until your skin gets used to the ingredient.
  5. Now the question - do you need one?
    If you're having a problem i.e. Breakouts, oil, moisture - this can supercharge your routine. Mists also make an amazing base/setting spray for makeup.