Requested by @drugs
I'm a big subscriber to the idea that where a breakout occurs can be a clue to the underlying cause
  1. Around the mouth = hormones or liver
    Hormones tend to be on the chin and lower mouth, liver (aka chemical detox) is around the laugh lines and top lip
  2. So what can you do? Treat inside & out
    Drink lots of water - follow the normal protocol (salicylic acid in the morning, benzoyl peroxide at night) be gentle, don't pick, try to eat a lot of fresh, leafy greens
  3. A note on Hormonal acne:
    Birth control pills are just about the only thing that can fix them long term if that's the underlying cause but it's helpful to note by the time you have a zit it's too late to do anything except wait it out. Hormonal zits usually form 12 days before you see the zit, so preventative action is key - developing a consistent routine, cleansing, toning and treating even when you don't have an outbreak.