Because you can't comment on posts with pictures this list is for you @ChrisK
  1. 1.
    Real tanning causes cancer
    One kind is enough thank you. 💜 SPF
  2. 2.
    Everybody except a few very famous celebrities looks better with a tan...
    This tan is fake
  3. 3.
    This tan is fake
  4. 4.
    So is this one
    Basically just assume anytime I'm tan it's fake
  5. 5.
    Before contouring was called contouring it was just called "blush"
    To be fair I'm not sure I know the difference. I do know that without it I look much less like a milkmaid which is bad bad bad
  6. 6.
    Duck face is cute
    Is also just what my face does, dammit
  7. 7.
    More duck face - still think it's cute
    I spent most of my life feeling like the cartoon version of a human and now that it's actually in style I'm not going to let the haters take that away from me...
  8. 8.
    Duck duck duck
  9. 9.
    Yes I know I only shoot one angle
    It's not because of my face it's because of my selfie hand
  10. 10.
    I once read an article that said having 10 items in lists makes things more "clickable"
  11. 11.
    I hate articles like that