Because you can't comment on posts with pictures this list is for you @ChrisK
  1. Real tanning causes cancer
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    One kind is enough thank you. 💜 SPF
  2. Everybody except a few very famous celebrities looks better with a tan...
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    This tan is fake
  3. This tan is fake
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  4. So is this one
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    Basically just assume anytime I'm tan it's fake
  5. Before contouring was called contouring it was just called "blush"
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    To be fair I'm not sure I know the difference. I do know that without it I look much less like a milkmaid which is bad bad bad
  6. Duck face is cute
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    Is also just what my face does, dammit
  7. More duck face - still think it's cute
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    I spent most of my life feeling like the cartoon version of a human and now that it's actually in style I'm not going to let the haters take that away from me...
  8. Duck duck duck
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  9. Yes I know I only shoot one angle
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    It's not because of my face it's because of my selfie hand
  10. I once read an article that said having 10 items in lists makes things more "clickable"
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  11. I hate articles like that
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