Oh god - I do not know nearly enough about this, my skin has never been oily. Here's what I know...
  1. It's genetic - there's nothing you can do to "change" your skin
  2. It's awesome, I would gladly trade a few years of acne for like 40 years battling dry skin and aging
  3. My friends who have oily skin still use oil cleansers
    With oily skin if you strip it down too much it will just overcompensate by producing MORE oil. So you want something that will clean away dirt, irritants, sweat and makeup but NOT all that good oil. My friends with oily skin especially love K-beauty stuff (I'm guessing it's a common problem there!) and double washing is awesome for oily skin girls (first an oil cleanser, then a soapy cleanser)
  4. There's a difference between what we call "oil" and sebum
    Oil is good - sebum is what causes acne. Sebum is your bodies attempt to fight off irritants and infection. Oil attracts dirt/irritants etc and then sebum comes. So in addition to cleansing that dirt, think about how you can protect your skin from irritants (scent? Limiting products? Not over washing?) and also prevent infections (diet! Cleansing right after workouts!)
  5. Moisturized skin will not produce as much oil
    Pick something light and non-clogging, but the goal is balance. Your skin will produce oil if it feels "dry"
  6. Blotting papers are cute and rad
    Elf makes great ones that are cheap. Blot! It's a great way to keep makeup fresh without adding on layers of irritants
  7. Don't over mask
    But it's OK to use a clay based detox mask 2-3 times per week. I love the glossier green mask http://bff.glossier.com/cY_VP
  8. Try a toner
    Again, balance is key! You're trying to balance your skin so it doesn't over produce oil. I love the cult classic http://shoprescuespa.com/biologique-recherche-p50-original-1970.html which is so awesome for pores and acne