The next big Yiddish words cowrote with Niki
  1. Meshugana
    : Crazy example: This list is gonna be off the chains meshugana.
  2. Kvetch
    : bitching Example: "Quit kvetching about that guy who didn't write you back on tinder. He's clearly meshugana.
  3. Tuchus
    : booty. example: " My tuchus is on fleek in these jeans. It's meshugana! The other chicks at the party are going to kvetch."
  4. Schvitzing
    : sweating Example: I didn't wear my romper on that tinder date I was worried my tuchus would be Schvitzing.
  5. Putz
    Idiot, fool example: "My tinder date was such a putz. I can't believe I wasted my good tuchus jeans on him."
  6. Mensch
    : good guy. This guy was such a mensch, he didn't even check out my tuchus when my skirt blew up.