Requested by @ceykey
I don't really know the answer to this but here's my best guess based on what I do know, that I decided to turn into a quiz. God bless you and your perfect natural skin tho 😁
  1. Do you live in a place with cars, factories, air conditioners, and/or other people breathing?
  2. Do you live anywhere other than a sterile plastic bubble?
  3. Do you wear sunscreen everyday?
    If you answered no to this you need to start wearing sunscreen everyday!!!! Yes even in winter!!!
  4. Do you have pores in your skin?
  5. Do you have skin?
    If no, seek medical attention immediately
  6. Do you ever sweat?
    If you answered no to this and you are human you're lying. Everybody sweats, maybe not noticeably but it's literally the reason we have pores.
  7. If you answered yes to any of these questions, washing your face everyday is probably a good idea.
    You're also washing off dirt, sweat, pollution, allergens, bacteria and all the other stuff that gets on your skin. Not twice a day, but in my opinion, at least once. Unfortunately there's more stuff out there acting on our skin than just makeup and sun - chemicals in the air can enter our system through the skin (the largest organ of the body) Also I wash my hair once a week and only shower like, every other day, so I'm not a clean freak.