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I don't know how "random" these will be I think I'm too vain for that.
  1. I posted this one last night on my daughter's profile ( Facebook ) when she privately messaged me to tell me it's driving her nuts that everyone is posting Disney stuff on her wall on Facebook. I'm supportive like that. ( she also happens to be a complete Disney fanatic so who can blame them.)
  2. This is something that my daughter and I do and we cannot shop together.
  3. I sent this one to my daughter with the story that went like this, "I told papa today that I was walking the dogs and I sure did get a lot of whistles , car honks and hollers. And his response was," wow! It sure doesn't take much to turn people on anymore"...." That husband of mine, he's so good for my ego.....
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I don't remember watching any television with parents except for the number one on the list. The rest of the list will be some of my favourite shows growing up. Definitely not in chronological order.
  1. 1. Another World
    ( my mom was so hooked she made up an illness for me to skip school and my stepfather wouldn't know I was staying home so I could update her on the soap opera!)
  2. Brady Bunch
    I was definitely Jan, not Marcia
  3. Family affair
    I never did get my Mrs. Beasley doll that I always wanted
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